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Old-Style Siamese (TICA Thai) Breeders List


We believe that the breeders listed here are honest breeders. Nonetheless, PREOSSIA is not financially or otherwise responsible for the outcome of any transaction you may undertake with any of the individuals or catteries listed below. Please see the notice under "Announcement" at the top of our home page for additional information about PREOSSIA.

Whether you look for breeders here or on other websites, use your judgment when evaluating breeders. Breeders should all use sales contracts describing rights and responsibilities of breeder and purchaser, should provide TICA registration papers or (in Europe) may provide registration papers from a TICA affiliated club such as TICAcats, should provide at least a three generation pedigree for every kitten, should provide at least one FVRCP ("3-way" or "4-way") vaccination for each kitten (preferably two), should never place a kitten before the age of 12 weeks, and should never sell or place a feline that has any kind of known medical or significant behavioral problem without prior disclosure to, and consent by, the purchaser.

Above all, breeders should never say personal, negative things about other breeders or about people who have bought kittens from them. A breeder who trashes the reputations of others is likely to be immature and destructive in their dealings with kitten buyers, as well, should anything at all go wrong.

PREOSSIA does not now charge, and never has charged, any kind of fee to breeders for being listed on this page. We do try to be selective about what breeders are allowed on the PREOSSIA Breeders List. Breeders must demonstrate a willingness to altruistically work with others in supporting a common definition of the Old-Style Siamese (TICA Thai) breed and preserving the breed for posterity. PREOSSIA breeders are expected to be not-for-profit breeders—to breed with the welfare of the entire breed as their top priority. Every breeder listed here should be an active breeder and should be dealing directly with you. Only the individual breeder will know for sure whether they have kittens or cats available. 

If a cattery listed below has a Web site, you may access it by clicking the URL.

Part I - Catteries in the U.S.A.


Sarsenstone Old-Style Siamese 
Sarsenstone Cattery
Dr. Cris Bird
web page:

Neuters pet kittens prior to placement.

Part II - Catteries in Europe


Pienpeto Old-Stylesiamese
Pienpeto Cattery
J. Toivoniemi
web page:

Neuters pet kittens prior to placement.


Image of Las Joyas Thai Siamese
LasJoyasThai Cattery
Brigitte Sierck
web page:
Neuters pet kittens prior to placement.

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